OXE Diesel features

Low Emissions

The highly refined automotive engine in combination with a hydrodynamical design under water leads to low emissions. Find out more about how much OXE Diesel reduce emissions. 

Great Fuel Economy

Low fuel consumption and great range, in combination with diesel being an inexpensive fuel, means the OXE Diesel has a great fuel economy. Find out how much the fuel economy is improved. 

Low Speed Control (LSC)

The OXE features Low Speed Control (LSC), a revolutionary system that enables unprecedented control while mooring or low speed maneuvering. LSC incorporates an electro-hydraulically operated clutch that ensures smooth shifting between neutral, forward and reverse.
LSC features sensor-controlled propeller speed, allowing for a seamless transition from zero to maximum propeller rpm. The boat is fully operable even below 3-4 knots.

Trolling Mode (TM)

The OXE Diesel also allows for trolling. When engaging Trolling Mode (TM) the full throttle range represents 20% of normal throttle range. This enables a higher resolution of the throttle maneuvering, thus giving the operator a more precise control in demanding situations.

Trolling Mode (TM)

OXE Diesel trolling - for fishing, search and rescue operations and patrolling. It sounds like a dream - offering a perfect combination with GPS anchoring systems, but also for those who like boats that are fully maneuverable with a joystick for precise maneuvering.

CAN Based Helm Control System

Connect to the helm control system via a CAN bus.

Dual Helm Capability

The engines can be connected to multiple helms.

Joystick Capability

The system is possible to fully control with a joystick for precise maneuvering. Optimus 360 Joystick compatibility with Twin OXE Diesel 125-200 series engines. Dometic and OXE Marine have jointly developed this capability based on customer demand. Industry leading SeaStation (GPS anchor) and SeaWays (autopilot) are compatible with the OXE Diesel engines.

Reliable Modular Design

The OXE is built on a modular concept consisting of three main modules: the engine, the primary system, and the lower house which contains the gearbox and the secondary belt transmission.

Hydrodynamic Low Drag propulsion housing

The lower housing has a slimmed down design due to not housing the gearbox like in traditional systems. This reduces drag and increases the performance of the system throughout.

Interchangeable Gear Ratios

The primary system provides the user with the ability to change the gear ratio of the unit to fit various demands and driving styles. Depending on the needs of the operator, high torque or high-speed can be selected for OXE125-200. It's designed as a separate unit that is easily reversible. By switching orientation of the primary belt housing, the user can change the gear ratio between 1.73:1 and 2.17:1. The OXE300 comes with a fixed gear ratio of 1:39:1.

Electro-hydraulically Operated Gearbox

The gearbox is a robust electro-hydraulically operated system with two multi-plate clutch packages that allow for high torque and power transfer, as well as Low Speed Control (LSC) and Trolling Mode (TM).

Crash Stop Survivability

The gearbox is designed to withstand crash stops and operates both clockwise and counter- clockwise to allow the user to mount or even transfer the OXE Diesels on any boat and between different configurations. Propeller rotation is simply selected from the display settings.

1. Input shaft assembly, 2. Output shaft assembly, 3. Reverse gear assembly

Engine Interchangeability

As the OXE Diesel is designed as an outboard package, it is replaceable. Service and overhauls can thereby be performed away from the boat, and the power unit can simply be replaced in the meantime. This minimizes the downtime and increases the uptime for the boat.

Dual Rotational Direction

As all OXE Diesels can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, the user is free to place the engine on any side of the stern, thus reducing the need for spare engines.

Quick Shift Capability (QSC)

The quick shifting allows the user to run the engine in forward gear and throw it directly into reverse without breaking the gearbox. The engine will electronically and automatically rev down to a certain level before it switches to reverse, reducing the need for evasive maneuvers that risk hurting the crew, the boat or tearing the gearbox apart.

Powerful High Torque

The OXE Diesel system is built around a high torque diesel engine in combination with a poly-chain carbon fiber belt drive that is designed to make full use of the high torque.

Extensively Tested

The OXE Diesel primary belt transmission and propulsion system has been tested since its invention in 1999. Since 2012 it has been extensively tested in the OXE test lab for many tens of thousands of hours. The engine used comes from the automotive industry and has thus also been extensively tested and built in millions of units.

Unexpectedly Quiet

The refined technology in the modern automotive diesel engines, used in the OXE Diesel products, is reflected in the quietness of the engines.  

When in use, the sound level of the OXE Diesel is mostly indistinguishable from the gasoline leisure outboards with which most mariners are familiar. The OXE Diesel has a fairly deep exhaust note. At idle the OXE Diesel can seem somewhat quieter than a gasoline outboard. At higher revs and wider throttle settings, they have a distinctive muffled growl that’s is similar to the sound that a modern diesel car makes.