Horizontally Mounted Automotive Engine

The power head of the OXE Diesel is a proven, robust diesel engine developed by the automotive industry. Inspired by modern inboard technology, the powerhead of the OXE Diesel is mounted horizontally and marinized with a closed-circuit coolant system.

In relation to a vertically mounted outboard engine, a horizontally mounted engine reduces wear and improves heat dissipation. The marinization of the engine include separate systems for seawater, heat exchangers, intercooler and oil cooler. All system functionality ensures that the engine, electrical system, fuel system and air intake withstand marine conditions.

The horizontal placement of the engine allows for the use of a high output alternator, which is required by power demanding equipment. It can also run, for example, a cabin heater, which is often requested by users in cold weather operations. The high output alternator (up to 180 amp) enables powering of electrical equipment such as air conditioning, freezing and fishing equipment. All service access points are positioned toward the deck side of the unit for easy maintenance and service.