Patented Belt Transmission – Elimination of Bevel Gears

OXE300 transmissionThe use of state-of-the-art diesel engines further escalated the requirements on the power train. The team quickly realized that the bevel gear systems found in traditional inboard and sterndrive power trains, with vertical shafts and dog-clutches, are neither designed for, nor able to cope with, the high torque required or long hours demanded by commercial marine applications

Not only does the robust design of the OXE Diesel facilitate the use of high torque diesel engines, where conventional drive systems could fail, but the OXE Diesel also presents the user with a product specifically built for their arduous working conditions.

The patented primary belt transmission allows full range torque transfer capability without affecting the hydrodynamics of the OXE Diesel. It means that solutions that were previously only available for inboard applications can now be applied as outboard solutions. The introduction of the primary belt transmission also means that the bevel gears found in most leisure products can be completely removed for a more durable and efficient solution. The belt drive allows for increased torque transfer to the propeller, as well as for smaller torpedoes and slimmer submerged modules under the waterline. The result is a design with less drag, which reduces fuel consumption and increases speed in comparison with bevel gear driven units.

The patented OXE Diesel system has revolutionized the outboard engine markets dependence on a traditional outboard drive system, eliminating the need for an antiquated, vulnerable and inefficient dog clutch and bevel gear system